OASF Speaker Shares Podcast

The OASF podcast is a collection of speaker shares from meetings and events across the San Francisco fellowship of OA. It has thousands of subscribers in the U.S. and around the world.

The podcast is maintained by SF Intergroup to spread the message of recovery, but the decision to record speaker shares and the content within them is up to individual OA meetings and members.

How to Contribute to the Podcast

Any meeting or event in the San Francisco area can contribute speaker shares to the OASF podcast. Here’s how:

1. Ask the speaker if they wish to be recorded

Shortly before the meeting, ask the speaker if they wish to be recorded for the OASF podcast. If they are unsure, you can offer to record the share and let them decide afterwards whether it should be submitted to the podcast.

2. Use a smartphone to record the share

We suggest using the built-in “Voice Memos” app for iPhone or free “Voice Recorder Pro” for Android. Make sure to place the phone as close to the speaker as possible with the microphone on the bottom facing them.

3. Have the speaker sign a release form

After the meeting, ask the speaker to fill out and sign a podcast release form, which can be found at www.oasf.org/podcast. We use this as proof that the speaker agreed to have their story recorded and added to the podcast.

4. Send the recording and release to intergroup

Take a photo of the signed release form and send it to emedia@oasf.org. Also, using the voice recording app’s “share” function, email the recording to the same address.

That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest and post the share as soon as possible.

Additional Suggestions

  • Some meetings have decided to take a group conscience about whether to record speakers for the podcast at all.

  • To make sure the above tasks get done, it may be helpful to make them part of a service position, like secretary.

  • We suggesting printing a number of release forms ahead of time and keeping them in the meeting binder.